The beauty of Ubuntu or the adaptability of kids

December 29, 2008

I gave my sister and her son and daughter a computer I rebuilt; instead of spending money I don’t have I decided to install Ubuntu as the Operating System instead of Windows XP (I use both at my home).

The kids themselves are very used to Windows at school and because of that they were a little timid to touch the Ubuntu computer.

Two weeks later I returned to see my sister and her little monsters and you could not believe the ease at which they have adapted to the Ubuntu computer!

The littlest one is playing Solitare, the older one is writing reports using Open Office and their mother who is a self described Techno-phobe, was dabbling.

They are going to hook up to the local ISP later this week — I can’t wait to see how they adapt to Mozilla.

Got to love kids!


2 Responses to “The beauty of Ubuntu or the adaptability of kids”

  1. Will said

    Nicely done, I’ve just done exactly the same for my sister and her two young girls with my brothers old desktop (Athlon XP 1800 1gB RAM Nvidia Video). This was to be in addition to their windows machine because my sister was tired with new things appearing every time she logged on and countless errors because the girls had messed with something.

    When I was asked to set this up I asked what the girls used the PC for I was hoping she wouldn’t say games (and she didn’t) internet/MSN/homework were the top uses. To me this was a no brainer, Ubuntu with AMSN (Rather than pidgin because it would be more familiar) Firefox which they were using already on the windows machine OOO and all the great educational apps that are in the repos.

    Themed it all pink and high school musically loads of eyecandy hooked it up to their wireless network with some old PCI wifi card I had knocking about (installed a breeze with ndiswrapper)

    I also installed dyndns and set up the network to forward SSH here so I can log in and run apt-get update / upgrade and sort any problems out from home. (No problems yet)

    The girls had this for Christmas and are loving it. In fact the whole family is uing it and the windows machine is gathering dust.

    I’m now just waiting for the phone call to set Ubuntu up on the other machine.

  2. […] La beauté d’Ubuntu ou l’adaptabilité des enfants – jbunbury a restauré un ordinateur et l’a donné à sa soeur, son fils et sa fille. Ne voulant pas dépenser beaucoup d’argent pour ça, il a installé le système d’exploitation Ubuntu. Après quelques trépidations de leur part, et quelques semaines entre les visites, il a remarqué qu’ils s’étaient appropriés Ubuntu sans hésiter. Maintenant, ils voudraient prendre les services d’un FAI pour découvrir l’Internet. […]

    Minor Blog Note: I had to translate this via

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