Security+ questions 3-2-9

March 2, 2009

Hello All,

As I continue my studying for my Security+ exam I find myself challenged occasionally from certain topics.

So to make these topics easier for me, I create my own test questions to challenge my mind. In turn I post them here to challenge your mind.

I figure if I give myself a good headache studying the least I could do is share that headache with you.

The questions below are based on Chapter 4 in the Sybex book ( is your friend) and they are entirely my own creation.

If there are any mistakes please post a comment; I hate making mistakes.

1) What does Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) do?

A) Nothing as there is no such application called WINS
B) It translates TCP/IP into IPX/SPX.
C) It translates NetBIOS names to TCP/IP addresses
D) WINS creates a typical NDS tree structure

2) Network Files System (NFS) is the default file sharing protocol for?

A) Microsoft
B) Windows
C) Unix
D) Cisco

3) An Intrusion Detection System has many different elements to it; what is the “manager”?

A) The person in charge of the IDS
B) The component or process the operator uses to manage the IDS
C) The component that analyzes the data collected by a sensor
D) The person who sets the security policy.

4) A misuse-detection IDS is primarily focused on what?

A) Looking for network anomalies
B) Evaluating attacks based on signatures and audit trails
C) Tracking what files are opened by any given employee
D) Supplementing the anti-virus program with additional information.

5) Where is the best place to put a network based IDS?

A) In front of the firewall
B) Behind the firewall
C) On a workstation
D) Both in front and behind the firewall

6) Passive responses strategies for a IDS include:

A) Logging,Notification, and Shunning
B) Shunning, Leaping, and Disrupting
C) Logging, Enticement, and Honeypots
D) Disrupting, Logging, Network configuration changes

7) Active Responses by an IDS are:

A) Notification, Shunning, Logging
B) Terminating processes, Network configuration changes, Deception
C) Honeypots, Leaping, Logging
D) Deception, Shunning, Network configuration changes






1) C
2) C
3) B
4) B
5) D
6) A
7) B


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